(top two, sick aries, bottom two healthy aries)

this is Aries, she’s a calico/siamese mix. she’s ten months old and she is one of my four(three cats, one human) babies. recently Aries was in heat and mated with Andrew’s dad’s cat August(who is an outside/inside cat, always fighting strays and getting sick and hurt) and from him, she contracted feline herpes. up until yesterday she was her usual cuddly, happy self. she had been sleeping a lot but she’s slept like that since we got her. last night she wasn’t eating or drinking water and we found that a little strange. this morning I saw blood all over her vagina, and around her mouth. I was cleaning up her mouth and nose with a wipe when I realized that the skin of her nose is actually PEELING OFF. Aries’ nose is almost falling off. I immediately started freaking out. The usual pink skin in her ears was now a pale yellow, there was some fluid in there as well. Her mouth is covered in ulcers. she has sores all over her head crusty with dried pus. she smelled horrible, and she’s always kept herself fairly clean. 

we rushed her to the vet and they said her temp was very high at 105 degrees Fahrenheit and that it was more than likely she has feline herpes. He said that she needs to be hospitalized for 5-6 days, with an IV, a catheter, and medications. boarding itself is $100 a night. the blood tests are $135. We’re planning on opting for home care, but we still need her to get blood tests and medication. 

we haven’t taken her siblings to the vet, but they’re not looking too well either. her brother Athens has been sleeping non-stop for almost a week, he gets up to eat and wanders for a little while and then crashes out. he’s the only one that is fixed and has his first set of vaccines. their sister Artemis is pregnant and the other night I found a tiny drop of blood on her vagina, but I’m thinking it came from her butt, and she’s probably just constipated from being pregnant.

we’re waiting on our government assistance, and Andrew just barely got a job today but still has to wait for them to call him into training. We have like $5 to our name since moving here from Nevada, and Vi will need diapers and wipes soon and idk how I’m even going to afford that. 

I feel really stupid asking this, but I made a gofundme page for them, mainly Aries. I want to raise $1000 US to get them the meds they need and to get the girls fixed. I was looking into just taking them to a shelter, but with Los Angeles shelters being so overcrowded, I’d be afraid that they would just be put down since they’re all sick. 

I’ve had these cats since they were tiny kittens, they didn’t even know how to eat cat food or use the litterbox, they’re my babies. I would really appreciate it, if I could get some help. it could be a few cents or a few dollars. anything helps.

if you can’t help out with money, please at least reblog so more people can see this.

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